Work Package 6

WP6 – Stakeholder involvement and network building

Stakeholder involvement and network building is given explicit priority through WP6. Stake-holders in the agricultural sector will be integrated through a reference group. We will invite representatives of the Norwegian Ministry of Food and Agriculture (LMD), Ministry of Trade and Industry (NHD), Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development (KRD), Ministry of Environment (MD), Norway’s Agricultural Authority (SLF), the farmers’ organizations (BL and BSL) and the Norwegian Forestry organization (NSF) and environmental NGOs (e.g. Bellona, FVH). The reference group will be invited to annual meetings. The first of these will be used to fine-tune the research questions in order to ensure policy relevance and that the outputs meet end-user needs. Meetings in intermediate years will focus on the discussion of methods, data and provisional results and scenarios, while the last meeting will disseminate final results and policy recommendations.
Active relationships with other projects will ensure that professional tasks are not repeated in AGRISPACE. Moreover, knowledge and results from other projects will be made available for this project and vice versa. In particular, close cooperation is expected with AGROPRO (see above). Further, up to five national and international experts will be invited to attend annual project meetings. The experts will be chosen from the thematic areas and asked to critically comment on and discuss methods, data and provisional results. This kind of network building is considered key with regard to future possibilities for participating in internationally funded research projects (e.g. Horizon 2020 & JPI’s).

Work package leader: Klaus Mittenzwei, NILF